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  Behind The Album
"Earlier that year in 2006 we had met Wayne in Houston at the NBA All-Star Game and we was at the radio station waiting to go in and do our interview and he was already in their doing an interview and we just heard him say all of a sudden, "yo shout out to Little Brother, they are coming in here next, they are real talented, them boys can spit and y'all need to look out for them." We both just looked at each other like "Wayne gave us a shout out?" You know? Not even knowing that we were on his radar? So we ended up meeting up briefly and had some brief discussions on getting on "Dedication 2," but that never happened so when I heard the track 9th had sent, I knew instantly who I wanted on it."
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Hip Hop
Behind the Album: Little Brother - "Get Back" by Big Pooh"
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September 2007

On naming the album "Get Back" - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: As far as the title, "Get Back" was just a record that when we actually got started on it we were just recording trying to figure out how we wanted to really approach the record. We came up with the title "Get Back" man because we just felt that we needed to get back to a place where we was just having fun making music again. It's easy to get lost within the industry and start worrying about everything other than the music. You start worrying about album sales and you're worrying about who is gonna be on your record, who ain't gonna be on your record and what label you are on or whatever. You just start worrying about a whole bunch of stuff other than the music and we just wanted to get back to just having fun and recording and not over thinking everything and just enjoying ourselves. So that's how we came up with the title "Get Back," and I think all the records on the album reflect that. It's just us, ain't nobody mad at the industry, none of that. We are just talking about what's going on in our lives and just having fun on the record.

Track 1 "Sirens" Ft. Carlitta Durand - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: That track is a funny one actually. That originally wasn't on the album. We had another record in its place to start the album off. "Sirens" was produced by Illmind. He actually had sent that beat to us a long time ago and Tay (Phonte) was just going through old beats and we was just trying to find some more tracks for the album and record as much as possible. He sent that beat back to me and said "yo I'm fucking with this joint right here man, I think this can end up becoming the first track on the record." I was like, "Word? Well I don't know, lets record it and see how it do," because I was feeling the track that we had in the beginning at first. I was really, really running with that one. So when we came in, we was just trying to think what we were gonna do and it was like "yo how you wanna approach this track or whatever?" and we just sat and started thinking about all the stuff we had just recently been through and decided to talk about that. So it turned into a catching people up to date type of song. Like get you current as to our frame of mind and where we were in our lives and I just approached my verse like that. Around that time is when they was talking about burying the word "nigga" and the Don Imus situation happened and I was just sitting there thinking to myself "man there is so many bigger issues in this world that we need to be worrying about then a 'word', we've got bigger problems going on especially in the black community rather than somebody using the word 'nigga' or 'ho'."

Track 2 "Can't Win For Losing" - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: That's another Illmind production. That was one of them beats that when I heard it, I didn't know exactly how to approach it. The time measure is a little different and it was a challenge so I wanted to do the song just because it was a challenge. With that one, it's like I was discussing the break up of the group without discussing the break up of the group. Just basically letting people know like you always wonder why your favorite groups break up and you're on the outside looking in and you think they are breaking up over petty shit or you think they are separating and they're fucking up shit for you, when it really ain't about you. You have no idea what's going on internally within the framework of them group of people. You don't know the inner workings of that group and sometimes the split is for good reasons.

Track 3 "Breakin' My Heart" Ft. Lil' Wayne - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: That's actually a track that 9th (Wonder) had did like a couple of years ago and he sent it in with the group of beats he sent in for the record. I was actually in Vegas at the time I heard it and when Tay sent me the link and I heard the beat I was just like "yo I think we should have a feature on this one" and he was like "who you thinking about?" I was like "yo I think Lil' Wayne will sound real good over this one, I think he'll do this beat justice." We are both fans of Lil' Wayne and we got a mutual respect for what he do. Earlier that year in 2006 we had met Wayne in Houston at the NBA All-Star Game and we was at the radio station waiting to go in and do our interview and he was already in their doing an interview and we just heard him say all of a sudden, "yo shout out to Little Brother, they are coming in here next, they are real talented, them boys can spit and y'all need to look out for them." We both just looked at each other like "Wayne gave us a shout out?" You know? Not even knowing that we were on his radar? So we ended up meeting up briefly and had some brief discussions on getting on "Dedication 2," but that never happened so when I heard the track 9th had sent, I knew instantly who I wanted on it. It was one of them things where it's like Wayne or bust. If we don't get him, we don't even need to do the track. So I got his information and I 2-wayed him and told him what we was trying to do and he was down. I sent him the track and two days later he sent it right back and that's not even something we was thinking about where what the people (fans) were gonna say, if people are gonna like it, it didn't even matter. We like what was going on and that's what we wanted to do. We had a mutual respect so we just went in and got it done. We went with the title because we was basically discussing how men, even though you may not act on certain things or certain feelings and emotions you have when your in a relationship, and even for women too, like everybody who just thinks about cheating or lusting for another person at one point in time when your in a relationship with somebody some people choose to act on it and some people don't.

Track 4 "Good Clothes" - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: That's an Illmind production. I always liked that beat, but we had actually recorded a couple of songs for the record before we did the "Good Clothes" record. After we did the first couple of songs and I heard that beat again I was like, "I don't think this is gonna mesh with what we got going on." I was like "yo I don't know about this one Tay." So how we do sometimes is if one person has an idea, we'll say "alright since you got the idea, you start the song and let me hear where you going with it and then I'll do my thing and then if it makes sense it makes sense." So Tay came at me with the idea, he told me what he was trying to do with it and after we finished with it, I just sat back and listened to it and it felt like one of those songs that you just couldn't front on at the end of the day. It turned out to be a while until we finished the record, but it is actually one of my favorite, if not my favorite song on the record. Because after we put the idea to it and had the plan and laid it down, it just turned out to be a real dope record. The reason why we called it "Good Clothes" is we was just talking about when you were young and when you used to get fresh. Like when you used to get fresh if you was in college or when you were young and you were just really starting to learn about dressing and looking good for the opposite sex or whatever.

Track 5 "After The Party" Ft. Carlitta Durand - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: That's produced by Khrysis. That was one of them tracks where when we knew instantly that that was going on the record. We knew instantly. Before we even knew what we was gonna talk about, we knew that one was gonna be on the record without a doubt. It just had that feeling to it and we sat with it and Tay was like "we should do some type of record that's like a follow up to "Life of the Party." That's why it ended up being titled "After the Party." So I was like "oh word up." Then I said "yo let's talk about after the club is over, what happens when the club let's out" and that's basically how that ended up coming about. Carlitta Durand did the hook on that record. We wanted to bring her back since she did the hook on "Life of The Party." The only thing that we didn't keep the same was the producer.

Track 6 "Extra Hard" - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: That one was produced by Denaun Porter who we had met before when we was on tour. Tay and I actually flew out to Detroit to meet up with Denaun. We went out and we actually recorded a song with him before so when it was time to do "Get Back" we wanted to get him on the record, so we flew out to Detroit for a couple of days and we just went over to his studio and vibed. It was one of those organic things, it wasn't no "we come in and get straight to it like' 'alright I got these beats for y'all, here you go, bye'." Nah we was just sitting there, we let him hear what we had so far and we was just vibing and just talking about different things and from them conversations and what he heard previously he just started playing different beats and that one stuck out man. For me it just sounded like something that (Jay) Dilla could have did and we had always wanted to work with Dilla. So when I heard it I was like "yo I like this one right here." Plus all the joints we have done with Marvin Gaye samples man they've been dope. We ain't lost with Marvin Gaye sampled joints yet so I was just like "let's try this one." I was like "this sounds like a dope song that we can go back and forth on" because that's something that we hadn't had on the record at that point. So I was like "we need to do one of them type of joints and this sounds like the perfect record to do that with." That's one of them joints where we didn't have no concept no nothing, we just started going for it and came up with "Extra Hard."

Track 7 "Step It Up" Ft. Dion - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: That's produced by Hi-Tek. Tay actually had got in touch with Hi-Tek and told him that we were working on the record and that we were a long time fan of his. We had heard he was a fan of ours so he ended up sending us some tracks like a day before or a day after Thanksgiving. That track actually had Dion in it when he sent it to us. It came with the hook ready to go, so that's the one that we was feeling, we just took it and we just played off the Dion hook. We took it from a relationship standpoint of how you just have to step your game up when you're dealing with the women. When you're young, you can get away with not doing certain things or get away with treating them a certain way, but as you get older women don't play that bullshit no more. You've got to come with some bigger and better shit.

Track 8 "Two Step Blues" Ft. Darien Brockington - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: That's produced by Nottz and features Darien. We knew we had to have Nottz on the album. When we did "Life of The Party," the chemistry was just there. We took a trip up to VA (Virginia), sat with Nottz and Nottz is one of them dudes like I don't know if he do it for anybody else, but like when we was there we vibed, we talked and you know let him hear what we had and he just opened up the files on his computer and was like "these are my beats from this year, last year, the year before, go through it and tell me what y'all are feeling" and he just walked out the room. He went into the other room and started playing Madden. So me and Tay was going through them and going through them and he came back in and heard what we had picked and we actually had got a couple of beats from him but it's like a 3-hour drive to Norfolk from where we stay at, so we drove all the way back and I just kept coming back to that beat on the beat CD. I was like "yo, we got to attack this one first man, we got to do this record man." We don't usually do records this speed. We got to do this record 'cause this is something different. So we just took it and Tay was like, he wanted to do a record basically paying homage and giving props to like the old school parties. Like when you party with the older people at the old school functions. They really party, they get it in, it ain't a whole bunch of ice grillin' and you know looking at you ready to fight you or whatever. So that's how that came about. We put Darien on the hook and just went in and had a lot of fun, we had a lot of fun with that record.

Track 9 "That Ain't Love" Ft. Jozeemo - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: That's produced by Illmind featuring our new artist Jozeemo. That's a record where you just be thinking about how you got certain friends and certain people in your life that swear they are down for you or swear they love you or ride for you or whatever and they just say that, but their actions don't say that. So that's one of them joints where we are just talking about how your actions say something different from what you actually are speaking out of your mouth.

Track 10 "Dreams" - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: That's produced by Rashid Hadee a new cat out of Chicago. Tay actually played me that joint. We was in the studio doing something one day and he played the beat for me and I was just sitting there just listening like "man this is crazy" and Tay already had the hook idea in his head. So he just sung it for me real quick and that's all he had to do. That night I got the instrumental, I went home and I just wrote about how my dreams of becoming an artist conflicted with dreams that other people might have had for me or what other people might have thought I should have been doing. That's one of them joints that was just instantaneous right there man. As soon as he played the joint for me and sung that piece of the hook, I instantly knew what I wanted to write about.

Track 11 "When Everything Is New" - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: That's produced by Zo! Tay had originally recorded that track for the intro to Zo!'s album and he was playing it for me in the studio one night. We were basically almost done with the record and he had played it for me and I was listening to it and I was like "Yo! Call Zo! up because we need something like that for the record." I thought it would be crazy to end the record off with something like that because Zo! uses all live instrumentation. He plays all the stuff himself so I was like "that would be crazy." So Tay was like "well what about this?" I'm like "man that's the Zo! Intro, he ain't gonna give that up." He called Zo! up and Zo! was like "man you all do what y'all wanna do to it and let's get it poppin'." So we just took it and we had to reformat it from what Tay had originally done because he was just singing throughout the whole track. So we took it, we chopped it up and we put verses on it and it came out crazy. That one is talking about new beginnings. There comes a point and time in everybody's life when it's out with the old and in with the new, no matter what you're dealing with, business, friends, relationships, it doesn't matter. You got to just keep it movin' and that's what that joint signifies.

On: Narrowing "Get Back" to 11 tracks

Big Pooh: We had wanted to do a shorter version type of album but we didn't have a number in mind. We wanted to keep it between like 12 or 13 or something like that, but as we ended up finishing up, we were still trying to add another track in there because we just thought we was missing something, but after listening to it and trying to force different tracks in, it was just like "yo, 11 tracks is good." We accomplished everything we had to accomplish and we said everything we think we needed to say for this record and just ran with what we had and thought 11 was a good number. When we record, we don't record like 50 tracks and have a whole bunch leftover, but what we did with our bonus tracks was we took then and we used them for like the UK version, iTunes, exclusives or whatever so that's what we ended up doing with our bonus tracks because they didn't fit on the album. As we recorded, the sound of the album started changing a little bit so that's the only reason why those tracks got taken off.

The Cutting Room Floor "Out of My System" - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: That's produced by Denaun Porter. It will be a bonus track and we're not sure what it will be on yet. That track is just dealing with vices. Everyone has a vice in their life whether it's gambling, drinking, drugs, or whatever. Everybody has a different vice and it's just like me and Tay just took one vice a piece and just broke it down how it can take control of your life and talked about how you try to change but it just keeps pulling you back in.

"Get Away" - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: That's produced by Khrysis. That will also be a bonus track and we're not sure how that one will get out there just yet either. That was the original intro to the record. That joint started out as a straight spitter because it was the first track on the album. On your first track on an album you've got to come out swinging so that was one of them joints where we just came out swinging man and we just went in on that one.

On: Thank You's and Little Brother's new sound - as told to ThaFormula.Com

Big Pooh: We just want to thank everybody that has been supporting Little Brother and continues to support Little Brother and let 'em know "Get Back" will be out real soon. Go get it you know. It's Little Brother, but it's updated Little Brother. The main difference is gonna be with the fans. This is gonna be their first time hearing a Little Brother record that is not produced entirely by 9th so that's gonna be the major difference. It wasn't no major difference as far as the recording went you know? It was a difference in track selections. Because normally we were getting tracks from one producer, with 9th we didn't have to worry about the sound. Everything was going towards like a similar sound where as when using various amounts of producers like we did on "Get Back," you have to worry about continuity and I think we kept the continuity with this record. Like I said, that was probably the main obstacle of not using 9th for the majority of the record this go around.

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